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Perma-Column East was founded in 2005 by Ken Kistler, an authority in the post frame construction industry with over 40 years experience. Ken was a visionary in post frame construction who in 2011 was inducted into the NFBA (National Frame Builders Association) Hall of Fame. Ken passed in April of 2018, he is greatly missed and will always be part of the Perma-Column East team.

Perma-Column East now serves customers throughout PA, NY, the New England region, VA, WV and all states down through the eastern seaboard to the Carolinas.  Our quality products can be purchased/ordered via our building supplier network or direct shipment. Perma-Column East's post frame foundation products are of the highest quality, cost efficient and are delivered on time!

To our existing customers, we thank you for choosing Perma-Column East. To our Future Customers, we look forward to serving you. To learn more about how our post frame foundation products can make a difference in your building projects. Please contact us.

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OUR team


Allen Homan
Inside Sales/ Technical Support/ Purchasing

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Allen has been involved with Perma Column East since its founding back in 2005 when he met its founder, Ken Kistler who has since passed. (He was a great mentor and a true visionary for the advancement of post frame construction).

Allen has worn many hats over the years but now finds himself mostly focused on growth of sales, marketing strategies and other administrative duties. He enjoys interacting with existing and potential new customers. From product knowledge, setting up new accounts to finalizing a sale, he can assist!

Allen enjoys family time and many outdoor activities including traveling and camping in their RV and riding their HD motorcycle whenever time allows.


Nathan Evans

Field / Sales Rep.

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Nate is a long time employee of Perma Column East. Prior to his current sales position, Nate spent over 10 years in  the Production / Manufacturing and Shipping area. He has a wealth of knowledge on our products and is always willing to go the extra mile in serving existing and new customers alike. If you are or become a Dealer of our products in the NY and Connecticut region, you can most certainly expect some sales visits from Nate. 

Jim Faust
Sales Rep.

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Our Team
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