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Deck posts

Perma-Column® deck posts take deck design and construction to the next level. When used in combination with a footing pad, our precast concrete deck posts eliminate the hassles of mixing concrete on site and make waiting for concrete trucks a thing of the past. By eliminating concrete pours, you can extend your deck-building season. Our deck posts install quickly and easily for a permanent deck post solution that provides peace of mind. They are ICC-ES-certified and guaranteed to last generations. Step up your deck game. Step up to the best.



  • Certified by the International Code Council (ICC)

  • Allows for quicker permitting and approvals

  • Assured code-compliance

  • Simple installation (No waiting on concrete trucks.)

  • Can be used with a standard wood column

  • No treated wood in the ground, so no more rot!

Our Brackets
  • The wood column is attached to a “U” shaped steel bracket that is robotically welded to a steel reinforcement that runs the entire length of the column.

  • All steel is a premium high strength alloy purchased in the U.S.A.

Our Concrete
  • Three times the strength of standard concrete.

  • A corrosion inhibitor protects the rebar reinforcement from rusting.

  • A final admixture is added to give freeze and thaw protection.

  • Our special mix guarantees a lifetime of durability.

Eliminate the hassles of pouring concrete

Stop waiting for the weather to cooperate. Stop waiting for the concrete to arrive, then waiting even longer to cure so you can build. Start your deck project off right with precast deck posts from Perma-Column®. Three times stronger than standard concrete, Perma-Column® precast deck posts are also faster to the finish. When used in combination with FootingPad® by AG-CO, you have a permanent foundation that can bear loads immediately.


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Guaranteed for generations

Get the most out of your investment. Perma-Column® precast concrete columns and deck posts are engineered to protect the structural integrity of your building or deck for generations—guaranteed. The lasting durability of precast concrete makes Perma-Column® a permanent solution, one that is backed by a lifetime limited warranty.


Ready to get started?

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Certified excellence

Build with confidence using precast concrete deck posts that meet international building standards. The International Code Council Evaluation Service evaluated Perma-Column® precast deck posts and certified they are compliant with the 2018 and 2015 International Building Code (IBC) and the 2018 and 2015 International Residential Code (IRC). This recognition means:

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Quicker Permits & Approvals for Builders
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Builders & inspectors know our products are code-compliant.

Engineered for speed

Building a profitable deck business is all about quality and speed. Perma-Column® precast deck posts eliminate the hassles and delays of concrete. They elevate wood out of the ground via a U-shaped steel bracket that is robotically welded to steel reinforcement that runs the entire length of the column.

Key design features
  • 3x stronger than standard concrete

  • 10,000 PSI precast concrete + 60,000 PSI rebar

  • Powder-coated ¼-inch steel bracket

The green alternative

Perma-Column® precast concrete columns are the environmentally friendly solution for post-frame foundations. Our products are made from 100 percent recycled materials and contain no toxic chemicals. They keep treated wood out of the ground, preventing harmful chemicals from leaching into the surrounding soil. The extended service life of Perma-Column® maximizes the use of resources.

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