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Perma-Column® Precast Deck Posts

Our 3 Deck models (4x4 40”, 6x6 40” and 6x6 60”) can be installed similar to placing a treated wood post in the ground. Auger or dig a hole in the ground to the proper depth and circumference which meets your areas building codes. It is recommended to leave approximately 3” to 4” of concrete exposed above the ground to keep wood posts away from moisture zones. Set column or proper spread footer (see options below), backfill and tamp soil around column.

Footing Pads: Place our 10”, 12” or 16” round lightweight composite Footing Pad at bottom of hole (soil at bottom of hole should be level and slightly tamped). Set column atop pad, backfill and temp soil at 12” intervals as you fill around column.


Uplift Anchors: When uplift resistance is required, attach your PC 6000 series uplift anchor kit prior to setting in hole and backfilling.



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