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Q. What type of masonry fasteners can be used to anchor Sturdi-Wall® brackets to concrete?

A. Our brackets are engineered to work with epoxy, expansion, and screw type wedge anchors. See the design manual for these values.

Q. Do you make custom sized brackets to fit odd sized columns ie: glue laminated and planed columns?


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A. Our SW60 & SW80 brackets are universal and designed to be paired together to fit any sized column while still providing the shear and uplift values as our other models.

Q. Which type Sturdi-Wall® bracket offers the most strength?

A. The wet set Sturdi-Wall Plus® offers the maximum shear, uplift, and moment capacities when compared to our standard drill set Sturdi-Wall®.

Q. Can I use Sturdi-Wall® brackets to repair a rotten post?

A. See our post replacement section for a step by step guide on how to repair rotten posts.

Q. Will treated wood corrode Sturdi-Wall® brackets and fasteners prematurely?

A. Most current generation treated wood available today is designed to minimize corrosion. However, if you have a high moisture application or are concerned with this problem, place a barrier between the treated wood and steel bracket, and use stainless steel fasteners.

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