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Uplift Anchors

Uplift Anchors provide an easy way to meet uplift requirements by bolting through the existing sleeve in the base of a Perma-Column.

Available in 6000 series 8-1/2" and 8000 series 12".

Uplift anchors.png


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Footing Pad®

The FootingPad® is ideal for deck footings. It has been extensively tested by the ICC-NTA engineering laboratory and certified as an approved alternative to concrete footings.

Available in 10",12", 16" , 20" and 24".

Footing pad.png
Precast Concrete Base

This precast concrete base measures 6" thick by 16" in diameter. It meets IBC Light Framework Building Footer Requirement. It also has finger grip notches for ease of placement.

Precast base.png
Wood Hardware

Wood attachment hardware is shipped with each model, but it is also available individually if needed.

Wood attach hardware.png
HW28 - 3/16" x 2 1/2" Concrete Nails

These galvanized concrete nails are recommended for skirt board attachment. Ships in 100 ct. bags.

(3/16" pre-drill required)

Galv concrete nail.png
Column Extenders

Fits all models of Perma-Column® Concrete bases, and are used when deeper post embedment is required. A secondary benefit of using this system is the elimination of a two step footing/uplift pour for commercial code requirements saving time and money.

Available in 12" and 24" lengths with bolt and flange nut.

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