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Perma-Column® Precast Concrete Base

There are two ways Perma-Columns are commonly installed. Both techniques follow standard post frame building procedures with a few changes.


Note: Footing and uplift requirements are typically unchanged. A concrete footing or precast pad is still necessary to distribute the weight of the building. See uplift anchors section for uplift options.


OPTION 1: Assembled Installation

This technique requires the Perma-Column® (precast lower sections) be attached to the wood columns ahead of time in a controlled shop environment, and then ship to the job site along side trusses, steel panels, and other wood building components. At the job site, the assembly can be handled the same as a standard wood column, and is typically set in place with a skid loader. This technique streamlines the building process by utilizing a one step placement and leveling.


OPTION 1: Unassembled Installation

This technique requires the Perma-Column® to be shipped to the job site unattached, and then set without the upper wood section. Later, wood columns can be attached one at a time or tilted up as an entire wall. This allows a concrete floor to be poured ahead of framing and allows many jobs to be started, while weather permits, which can be finished during winter.

Splash Board Installation

Perma-Columns require the splash board to be attached using a pre-drilled concrete nail. To do this, drill a 3/16" hole through the splash board into the concrete post 2" using a hammer drill. Drill a 3/16" x 1 1/2” (HW28) Galvanize Concrete Nail into the PC Base until the skirt is secure.


WARNING: Avoid using concrete screws and concrete nail guns because most are not designed for high strength concrete and result in screws being stripped, heads twisting off, or surface chipping.


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