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Wood Hardware

Wood attachment hardware is shipped with each model, but it is also available individually if needed.​

Wood attach hardware.png
5/8" x 10" L Bolt

Optional 5/8" x 10" Wet Set "L" Bolt with nut and washer for Universal "L" Brackets.

5:8x10 L Bolt.png


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Glue Laminated Wood Posts

Glue Laminated Wood Posts are for use with all Glue Lam models of Perma-Column® bases, Sturdi-Wall® drill set, and Sturdi-Wall® wet set products. 

Glue Laminated Wood Posts are superior in all strength characteristics to solid sawn lumber; they resist checking and twisting because of the use of multiple plies of kiln dried lumber, bonded together with waterproof phenol-resorcinol glue. Glue Laminated Wood Posts are manufactured utilizing a quality control system that is approved and monitored by the American Institute of Timber Construction.

Available in 3 ply and 4 ply sizes up to 32 ft. in length.

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